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      UL offers a comprehensive suite of services for the furniture and bedding industry, giving manufacturers a single resource for global testing and certification.

      UL's network provides performance and durability testing, flammability testing, chemical content and emission testing, and sustainability offerings for furniture and bedding - from raw materials and components, to accessories and packaging. UL has services for every stage of manufacturing, with risk assessment services to test furniture from the prototype phase through finalization.

      Furniture Testing

      UL provides furniture and bedding testing for manufacturers and retailers. Rely on UL's expertise in furniture testing and certification to compete successfully in the global furniture and bedding market. UL offers services ranging from performance testing, to flammability testing, inspections and safety certification.

      Performance And Durability Testing

      Testing your products with UL demonstrates a manufacturer's commitment to making products that are durable, safe, and meet industry requirements. Testing available from UL includes: surface, fast-aging, mechanical and structural, component, safety requirements, and suitability of packaging. UL can test to GSA and British standards, as well as ANSI/BIFMA X5.1, X5.3, X5.4, X5.5, X5.6, X5.9, X6.1 standards.

      Flammability Testing

      UL provides comprehensive flammability testing for fabrics and upholstered furnishings and mattresses, and conducts tests in accordance with nationally-recognized standards that investigate ignition, flame-spread and heat-release characteristics of furnishings. Test methods include reaction to heat, small flame and radiance plates, and the "cigarette and match test," Including CAL TB 133, CAL TB 117, CFR 1632, CFR 1633.

      Chemical Content And Emissions Testing

      UL provides chemical and microbiological testing for furniture, paints and varnishes, textiles for furniture, and mattresses. UL can perform tests according to international regulations including the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances (REACH) regulations and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California Proposition 65 regulations, as well as a variety of other certifications including European Standards EN 717 and EN 120 and US California 01350.

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      TOP 3 Reasons to Utilize UL's Furniture Testing & Certification


      Faster Market

      The UL Mark on a product is a highly trusted safety and quality symbol for buyers, distributors, insurers and regulators and is recognized by authorities for faster acceptance.


      Facilitates Access to
      International Markets

      More than just a testing partner, UL is your consultant in the global furniture industry and can help you understand and meet market access requirements throughout the world. UL uses recognized methods to test products for compliance with international regulations and standards.


      Choose UL?

      UL has a team dedicated to the furniture industry and is a leading, independent provider of certification, testing, audit, inspection and responsible sourcing services for the furniture industry with a century-long legacy of trust.